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4 Comments on “1-12-14”

    • please do explain, person who i’m guessing is probably the same person who was just on twitter blaming US slavery on Africans for the past two days

      • I’m not that person.. also idk maybe you were being sarcastic about loving poverty-via-anticapitalism now that I reread it

        poverty isn’t a joke for, e.g., women, is what i’m saying

        • Christ, obviously poverty isn’t a joke. For anyone.

          It sucks to suspect this doodle might have been drawn so poorly that it fails to convey that. And i really hope it’s not that easy to look at this comic & assume the artist was “joking” (being flippant) or feeling adventurist about his own acute lack of money.

          If you’re new to this site & ready to assume the worst i can see this looking awful — but i think i supply a decent amount of context by way of complaining in earnest or semi-earnest about my finances on this website all the freaking time. Just like any other mediocre webcartoonist who’s watching the economy & internet die.

          But let me be clear: in this diary comic i am not trying to portray my lack of money, or anyone else’s, as a “joke.” I can assure you i spend plenty of time being very, very upset about it, & assumed there was enough background of that on this site to go ahead & make the (yes) sarcastic, defeated jab at the utter unmarketability of my bullshit personal brand that hates capitalism & thus, in 1000 ways, alienates 99% of people who like to pay for cartoon content.

          And for what it’s worth, i would never call myself “poor” — i’m more “broke for years & for the foreseeable rest of my life, for whatever reason, mostly because this comics hobby has become a gilded cage.” The term “poverty line” appears here strictly as an official term.

          And now i’ve officially spent more time analyzing this drawing than i did drawing it.

          Sorry for assuming you were that asshole on twitter. That was just really unfortunate timing & a similar tone.

          NOT the guy who wrote the Evasion Handbook

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