This might be the last diary comic i post for a while. My compulsion to draw them mysteriously dried up about the same time i stopped compulsively drinking at the bar every night (a development which, in turn, was brought on by a sudden new interest in saving even a tiny bit of money in the hopes of finding a new place to live that we like a little more than here).

We’ve also been sidelined by a new comic project that will be read at the second “Zine Not Dead” event on March 5th at Pinky Swear in Humboldt Park… assuming we finish in time that is.

Also, stay tuned for an announcement about a couple new books i have coming out in the Spring…

And thanks for reading all these diary comics these last couple of years. Satan knows what they were worth aesthetically, but they at least kept me in practice while my drawing arm was in a bad place of persistent pain and damage. That is an ongoing and as-of-yet undiagnosed problem, but its condition seems to be (very, very, very gradually) improving, thanks to months and months of doing close to absolutely nothing physical at all. That sheds a thin shaft of hope upon this midden of misery i’ve been fermenting under for the past two winters. But saying more would risk jinxing it, so let’s cut this infinite canvas short here for now.