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This might be the last diary comic i post for a while. My compulsion to draw them mysteriously dried up about the same time i stopped compulsively drinking at the bar every night (a development which, in turn, was brought on by a sudden new interest in saving even a tiny bit of money in the hopes of finding a new place to live that we like a little more than here).

We’ve also been sidelined by a new comic project that will be read at the second “Zine Not Dead” event on March 5th at Pinky Swear in Humboldt Park… assuming we finish in time that is.

Also, stay tuned for an announcement about a couple new books i have coming out in the Spring…

And thanks for reading all these diary comics these last couple of years. Satan knows what they were worth aesthetically, but they at least kept me in practice while my drawing arm was in a bad place of persistent pain and damage. That is an ongoing and as-of-yet undiagnosed problem, but its condition seems to be (very, very, very gradually) improving, thanks to months and months of doing close to absolutely nothing physical at all. That sheds a thin shaft of hope upon this midden of misery i’ve been fermenting under for the past two winters. But saying more would risk jinxing it, so let’s cut this infinite canvas short here for now.

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  1. I’ve enjoyed these diary comics a lot, but I 100% understand your lack of interest in continuing – I get the same feeling any time I’ve attempted auto-bio, I usually only make it to panel two before just saying “fuck it” and abandoning it, so bravo for sticking with it for so long.
    Glad to hear your arm is improving – looking forward to the new books!

  2. Well, I imagine it gets wearying using your own self as lens for the ugliness of this civilization, so thanks for hanging with it for as long as you have. Rationalization-free zones are few and far between in this age of denialism, (and Progress knows I’m not a-gonna do it myself). So, seriously, thanks.

  3. Will definitely miss these, but I’m very much looking forward to the books and whatever else is next. Thanks for everything.

  4. Gabby, I’ll miss these so much, but I’m so happy that you have new projects coming out. I think that diary comics often get dismissed as unimportant navel gazing, etc, but, for me, the truth of it is that seeing honest and insightful reports from this sick society life we’re all living is a powerful thing and I find it sustains me in ways that I find hard to express. Yours have been especially human and thoughtful and I feel like I at least have drawings to commiserate with. With your comics on hiatus, now I’m extra sad that you’re gone from the Twitter cesspool. I appreciate your voice. I hope that you’ll update the blog with words if you’re not updating with comics.

  5. Well, hell. Now I’ll have nothing to look forward to at work on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays either.
    I’ve enjoyed your thoughts and your art. And I’ve been impressed that you’ve produced them consistently for so long. I’ve never managed to create anything like that.
    It’s good to hear your arm is a little better and that you’re busy working on other projects. Good luck with both. Does that mean there’s a chance of an appearance at SPX this year?
    Thanks for all the comics.

  6. Glad to hear you’ve got better things to do!
    But I’ll also miss these comics. And, if it helps, ‘dairy comics’ of people who aren’t young or hot are the best possible application of art. Art doesn’t have to be all lies and shit made nice ;)
    And you your readers have appreciated it!

  7. At the risk of being wrong, I assume there is a certain false modesty in your self deprecating (self pity?) assessment of these sometimes beautiful, sometimes incompetent and mediocre hot takes and drawings,
    I agree, it’s not worth much and you may as well take a break for existential reasons or not. It’s never going to make your fortune, if financial gain is a form of worth. Neither will it enlighten you or anyone to the horrors of daily life in America, as a working stiff.
    Does this make you feel validated or just push you over the edge to even more proud and arrogant self hatred? I don’t know and don’t really care. Either way you’ll be fine. You’re a survivor and a hypocrite, Gabby, but at least you can make some art out of it. That makes life a bit more bearable.

  8. Loved these diary comics and related to them like hella and found them thought provoking but happy to hear your onto new projects ^_^ Looking forward to seeing them and really looking forward to the Spring to hold some new gabby corp books in my hands. Love whatever you do man and I’m stoked to hear your arm is slowly improving :))) Would be cool if you could update the blog every so often with something you’ve been reading/ watched cause I’ve been lurking here for a long while (((Been too exhausted from Lyfe (TM) laytley to give any meaningful contribution in terms of lengthy comment like this one))) and been enjoying some of the commentary and thoughts you’ve put up. But totally cool if you just want to give the blog a break, the gabby brand has been going strong for a long while and I appreciate that :) Also, lol at all the commenters that were like ‘autobio is a slog’ cause it really is, I tried it and my self loathing was like ‘no, i don’t think we’ll be continuing on this endeavor’. So mega impressed you got this far and like I said, looking forward to whats next :3 I would send you a howler monkey for good luck ((year of the monkey yo)) but it wont fit into a A4 envelope unless I put it through a blender and make a monkey smoothie out of it, and then the envelope would disintegrate from the moisture. The International postal service is a real downer!

  9. Thanks for doing and posting these for so long. Take our words for it, they were/are worth a lot. New books coming out is good enough news to offset the slight sting of Less Weekly Content of course! And y’know, the discussions of the finer points of dystopia/patriarchy/doom that would unfold in the comments here were really interesting and like little else I’ve seen on d’web, contextually at least. I like that about this site/your work, so here’s hoping that continues somehow. Best wishes Gabby and I’ll raise a half pint of Old Crow since you’re taking it easy on the stuff! (do they even sell old crow in half pints?)

    • Thanks for stickin’ to it. I’m sure i’ll keep posting stuff, i’m just trying to get out of the Diary Comic format. i think i’ve burned through the trope of “look at my small depressing life” as much as anyone should be allowed. Old Crow is my favorite!

  10. Thank you for for your work, this might sound strange (or it might not) but I see your diary comics as very optimistic as you still manage to find humour (as dark or bleak as it may sometimes be) in the human situation and as bad as things get you’re still here and still making art and that actually gives me a lot of hope. I’ll definitely be picking up sick when it comes out, and look forward to the next thing. Thanks again.

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