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10-14-15 (2 pages)


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    • i have been thinking of starting to sell these originals (cheap) but am also thinking about compiling them into a (cheap, small) book — so my compromise is i will start selling them once they have been put in a book! i don’t know when that will be (probably in early 2016?) but i’ll def blab about it on here when i do…

      (also if anyone out there actually wants to publish these diary comics, let’s talk…)

  1. When someone died I searched my room for something like that, some object or note that I knew the person had touched and I could pinpoint a memory to. In some vain hope that if I could find something it would anchor the memory and it would be one that wouldn’t slip away. Weird thing was that a week before their death I’d sat perplexed looking at a movie ticket I’d kept and thinking ‘who was the person I saw this with?why’d I keep it??’ before chucking it. Then after their death I realised that I’d seen the movie with them and was like ‘aw god damn it’.Now I’m a horrible hoarder and live entombed in old movie tickets and VHS’s(i kid, I kid)

    If I could I’d have the Sebastian Flyte method of burying something everywhere I’d been happy. Would become difficult to retrace once the nuclear holocaust occurs though and we have to live in mineshafts.

    TL;DR, long comment to say that I really liked this comic. Very touching.

    • i’m sure the stories in your diary comics would be much better than mine!

      and speaking of bad memory, i had to google “Sebastian Flyte” to remember that he’s from Brideshead Revisited. if i’d had enough money to bury gold everywhere i was happy i imagine happiness would be a goal that was much easier to attain (but what do i know, maybe i would just spend it all on booze like the old boy.) (also i would have already dug it all up by now)

  2. Gabby I like/appreciate/or love all of your comics including the ones that are not so easily “accessible,” but this one is really easy to love & I love it. Hope you’re enjoying biking through this most amazing incredible globally warmed autumn.

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