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10-19-15 (5 pages)


Today’s diary comic is 5 pages long, brought to you courtesy of having the week off my job that week and not being utterly disgusted by my physical surroundings for a change


24 Comments on “10-19-15 (5 pages)”

  1. these panels are making me go “haaahhhh” and “mmmm” while i sit in my florescent officejob box. thank you, gabby.

    • i was hoping i could spend 10 pages drawing starlings swooping in big clouds from one group of trees to the next but i didn’t have time & the world moved on. there are so many great things i will have to die never having drawn

  2. I’m so glad this got to happen to someone who would actually fully appreciate it. From: a sucker who can’t get the hell out.

  3. Really pleased to see an entry where you’re happy, or at least, content. Worth lingering on. Plus there’s some really awesome cartooning here. Yay.

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