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9 Comments on “10-8-15”

  1. i’m curious, what exactly DO you want out of life? what is your ideal lifestyle? I like this comic, but it’s a lot of complaining about things you can’t change, which I get, but I dont see you offering an alternative beyond a level of self awareness you wish more people had.

    • i guess i can only see this as just “complaining” from the perspective of someone who is pretty incurious about life. do you really not also find it fascinating that humans, due to the unique burden of our consciousness, are the only species on Earth (or in the whole universe, for all we know) capable of being aware of what a nightmare existence — and civilized existence especially — really, demonstrably is? for that matter, do you not find it fascinating that the terms of existence are objectively nightmarish? but what’s really interesting, to me, is how we avoid this knowledge with processes that, on both the individual and cultural level, are far more elaborate, obscured and bizarre than you’re giving them credit for.

      as for “offering an alternative” — i’m not sure why that’s necessary here (or whether an “ideal” exists). sometimes it’s more than enough to just illuminate the rules of our condition, as they are still avoided & ignored by most people — which itself makes life more alienating and unbearable. i’m suspicious of this policy of prima facie positivity and compliance, because it really just benefits authority. the implication that knowledge is only worth pursuing if it makes us happy is pretty useless, imo. it’s an attitude that might be myopically comforting, but it really leaves us helpless when confronting life’s deeper questions.

      i guess, if pressed, i’d say that dismantling capitalism and patriarchy are pretty high on my wish-list of “what i want out of life,” because i’d like to see less people condemned to unhappiness in a world where beauty is almost entirely diminished and denied by the constricting lens of power. and the first tiny step toward that is to actually admit a problem exists — which is a large part of why i draw the comics that i do. (and why so many people seem to hate them.)

      what’s wrong about wishing people had a little more “self-awareness,” anyway?

      • Nicely said.
        Aside from the fact that they’re beautifully drawn, the way you express these ideas is also why some of us like the comics that you draw. But I suppose I’m stating the obvious.

  2. I think you misinterpreted my question, I am on your side. Not sure why you took it as an attack. I was just curious if you had an idea of what you would want your existence to be like, that’s all. I didn’t say anything was wrong with wanting elf awareness, I agree with that. Not everyone is trying to argue with you, I was just curious, I wasn’t expecting defensiveness and word nitpicking. I guess I should’t have asked. Sorry.

    • i’m just trying to respond to your questions; i didn’t get the feeling you were attacking. but know when you write “it’s a lot of complaining about things you can’t change” it does come off a bit dismissive and critical.

      that’s cool you agree with all this tho. most people don’t, and tend to label similar opinions as “negative” or “complaining” or “well what’s YOUR solution then, smartass!” or etc etc etc… i’ve gotten a lot of it over the years.

  3. I suppose “complaining” is a loaded word, but I didnt’ mean it negatively, I like the word and see nothing wrong with complaining. but is there a word you’d use to describe your tone? I feel like “observation” would be close, but there is a relentless tone of negativity (not a bad thing) so it’s not quite the word.

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