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7 Comments on “11-13-15”

  1. I think there are quite a few people who would give you an honest critique of your life, but you would just get mad at them.

    • well the “honest” i’m looking for is critique that’s objective and in good faith, which takes some effort.

      the “honest” i’m used to on the internet (and the form you might be refering to here) is more of a cloak to make defensive, passive-aggressive attacks *appear* objective & in good faith. you know… the “just sayin'” syndrome.

      the first is all about empathy; the second is the opposite.

    • thank you!

      yet… is any shirt TRULY fantastic in the shifting postmodern sands of moral relativism? would an ocelot see my shirt as fantastic? is the fantasticness based on a system of historical coercions of the fantastic that render the definition invalid? do definitions even hold value if they aren’t communicable in a society that has become completely alienated? these are difficult times

  2. happy birthday, gabby!

    your ability to articulate your own struggles & the sticky implications of sentience illuminates those dark & terrifying corners that many of us find completely unfathomable. it’s helpful. even if you have a cowlick.

    “it’s a real struggle for survival!!”

  3. Your work is beautiful and honest, your mind is nimble, your heart is tender, you seem lost and weary and unproductively upset.

    The purpose of life is to experience and to love. You have done, are doing and will continue to do both. <3

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