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Re: the third panel… you probably think we’re making it up, but:


7 Comments on “11-16-15”

      • That must be what they mean by “blazing a trail through the urban jungle”
        I’m pretty sure the ad copy is meant to be taken seriously.

        • it’s important to know that at least one branch of this store is located about 40 feet from a busy scrapyard and also a waste-reclamation site and also the “river”/petrochemical waste dump in an industrial area so concentrated it is sure to be giving all the new-urban yuppie families that have colonized the area with luxury condos a variety of mystery tumors/autism — a truly randian wonderland

      • and that’s not all!

        there’s the 7″ android tablet: standard. it comes equipped with a bluetooth remote control, so parentals can drive with or without their progeny in it, or maybe, as the manufacturer’s website says, “to bring parents and children closer together.”

        i can’t believe they’d allow a faux leather bucket seat, though.

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