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9 Comments on “11-19-14”

  1. Oh Gabby. I love these things. Please do not stop.
    You have such high requirements for your life to feel valid.
    What the fuck are your beloved mushrooms contributing to literature? Science?

    You’ve already accomplished more that most people. Take it easy on yourself.

  2. I think of you as one of the very few people who really serve as a witness to how stultifyingly stupid our civilization has become. I wish you were less hard on yourself, after all you didn’t invent this. But then again, if most of us were truly honest about our degree of participation in collective stupidity, we’d all have to take a pretty dim view of ourselves. That sounds hard, so in lieu of that I’ll read your drawings.

  3. Hoping it will be a long while yet before the reaper challenges you at a game of pinball (Poor Seventh Seal reference is poor). These comics are the highlight of my day :) I have much the same thoughts here so I can relate. Will we find out how your arm got injured? (((mauled while fighting off pack of wolves when mushroom hunting perhaps?))) Take care xxx

  4. I don’t remember how I came here first, but I know that since then, I never miss a post.
    Hope it will stay the same :)

  5. I can VERY much relate to this as I’m in my 40’s… still plugging away at ‘my comics’ because there is some truth in it, but in all honesty, sometimes I feel I missed the boat on parts of life because my younger self was determined to be Columbus… and now my choices mean there’s no turning back… failed relationships amplify all of my insecurities it to the moon. It is so hard emotionally as we get older without people in our lives to keep the flame alive. Doubt trickles in, then it pours in like an ocean.

    Your comics remind me that I’m not alone in pursuing life the only way that made sense to me at the time, even if the world is at my neck. At least we can draw to get ‘something’ out of meaning in our lives, right? Just imagine what we’d all do without our art? Be like the rest? Go completely insane? Feel more irrelevant with no outlet? No. We gotta let art be our therapy… in spite of it all.

  6. Hey man. Despite the hardships you have prevailed. As predictable as it is that when i check on your site every few months I’m going to see some depressing comics it’s incredible that it feels predictable that I’M GOING TO SEE COMICS! You have a strength! I think you have proven that,despite your self, you CAN’T (literally incapable) give up, considering all you have consistently created during what seems like endless hardships. I await your next published piece to throw money at.

    • beats me! Some kind of repetitive-stress injury or nerve damage and perhaps a dislocation at some point. my whole arm swells up & turns red (& hurts a lot) when i draw too much (or at all, really), & eventually i can’t grip anything with my hand anymore. i’ve seen a doctor & do exercises (& don’t draw anymore) but it hasn’t gotten better. it’s a drag to not know how long this will last but SO IT GOES…

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