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3 Comments on “11-24-15”

  1. what of the tendency in which those very people who are so willfully and menacingly ignorant claim to be the ones who see clearly, like the MRAs who repeat like a chant that they are the brave who have taken the red pill? any sort of conversation about cultural “reality” devolves immediately into one-upping the other person, which makes me feel like we’re all the same, wounded & terrified primates trashing the place in our frenzy.

  2. While waiting on line at the state motor vehicle agency a few days ago I found myself staring at an “If You See Something, Say Something™” poster featuring a large image of a shopping bag. Fear shopping bags. I didn’t want to take it seriously but it left me feeling rather sad.

    • i love the way it all gets so predictably fascist that it’s indistinguishable from a parody of itself, except nobody’s allowed to laugh.

      anyway, “IYSSSS” is so last-decade. the plebes have been conditioned to that message, so RUN HIDE FIGHT has become the logo of our present nightmare (not a joke or parody) (this is playing on a tv in an endless loop in the chicago amtrak station):

      i took a bunch of screencaps of this and a few more videos at the station, and it was odd how “suspicious” i myself felt just doing that. Run Hide Fight!

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