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Sorry for the lapse, we forgot to do up another batch of scheduled posts (and no one cares)

9 Comments on “11-28-14”

  1. I care. Sure I haven’t checked your website in a couple of months, but I did today. And I appreciate 1. you game in a public place and 2. don’t waste paper, even when it doesn’t meet your standards. Good lookin’ out for the trees.

  2. “haughties” more like (but really don’t say hotties unless it’s to point out the oppressive absurdity of conventional beauty standards &/or the global accords governing fair use of women)

  3. i’ve been checkin everyday for my fix (yeah, i check everyday even though you post on that 3times a week every second day schedule.

    and: i kinda like that the paper isn’t perfect for water colours; it may not be “perfect” but i like the effect.

    and: though i do agree with quicksilverfish about “hotties” i think the word can be taken back. hotties need not reflect acceptance of beauty standards as much as refer to people we find attractive (because they’re smart, funny, whatevs; they be true hotties).

    • i guess i’ve been on twitter too long; i’d assumed “hotties” had become gender-neutral; i also assumed it could be read facetiously as a shorthand for “conventionally attractive people in the status quo.” Such are the perils of the diary comic, which by their nature aren’t really given a lot of thought. Sorry to all if the flippancy grates.

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