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5 Comments on “12-14-15”

  1. This one seems to perfectly encapsulate what I love about your diary comics. Heady evocation of memory tinged with sadness, unflinching portrayals of city life as you see it, the willingness to pick out signs of capital’s corrupting ubiquity and somehow have it still be beautiful… great line, great use of black, well I’ll stop but it’s a winner my friend

    • thanks. considering i don’t pencil these at all, and am drunk every time i draw one, it’s a wonder i ever get one right. i’m seeing a day coming soon though where my ego takes the wheel again and i get back to hiding my incompetence behind a thick wall of laborious & time-consuming pencils.

  2. i find my dad does the same thing a lot, though usually it’s doing sudoku on his computer in front of a muted tv. but then i go back to looking at whatever pointless garbage i’m looking at on the internet (this website is excluded from that category) and wonder if life is just trying to pass the time as tolerably as possible until we die.

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