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12/13/13 (and some news)



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In addition to our now-usual Monday doodle, we wanted to inform whoever might be reading — or rather, YOU, dear reader — that we’ve been trying to record episodes of our FM radio show, The Abandoned Playhouse. This week we only managed to wrest a sliver of success out of a vast buffet of failure — we only captured the first 50 minutes or so of the show, with large gaps & skips throughout. Of particular lamentability is the way our poor streaming butchered most of the meat of Peter Sellers’s top-shelf oral memoir, “Setting The Policeman on Fire.”

Still, even this much would impress you if you knew how bizarre & convoluted our technology-impaired recording setup is. (We use our house’s crappy internet connection & VLC to stream the FM radio show off the KRUI website, & have to start recording before we leave the house to go to the studio. We think someone might have come into our room & turned it off halfway through, since it didn’t even occur to us to plug in headphones & they probably thought we’d accidentally left it on accidentally.) Anyway, there’s that to listen to, for what it’s worth.

We’re gonna start posting two of these diary comics a week instead of just the one, since it turns out we’ve drawn quite a few lately, & they’re starting to pile up — & isn’t there something a little sad about posting webcomics over a month after they were drawn? (For example, we’re not even playing video games anymore. No really. We’re back to embroidery now, like good little luddites.)

Also we’re going to start posting photos & drawings & other junk on this twitter account, it’d be charming if you “followed” us & we’ll follow back & it’ll be a cozy situation: @foodstampbeer

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