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click it bigger. There’s been reports of getting “forbidden” denials when trying to look at comics on this website — please let us know if that’s happening to you! Or if you just want to say “hello.”

5 Comments on “1/30/14”

  1. I cannot see the picture but when I click it bigger it shows. I also get 403 forbidden from time to time.

    • ugh, that is so frustrating. thanks for letting me know. that never happens on any computer i look at & i don’t know much about coding so i don’t know how to fix that or even how many people it is happening to. sorry it is happening

    • is there anyone out there who is smart enough to tell me why 403 errors happen? (and how to fix them? and how to get rich off comics? and how to astral project…)

    • ok a quick google seems to point to hotlink protection as the culprit (causing a 503 “about 50% of the time,” which sounds familiar) — as a temporary fix i turned it off so maybe all is golden now! (until hotlinking bumps my bandwidth allotment over what laughing squid allows ha)

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