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click it bigger. Don’t forget about our society6 site, which has got some prints & t-shirts on it. We’ll be adding more designs as we grind them out, drawing arm permitting.

Also we’re still doing a radio show on KRUI & you can hear a lot of episodes (including last night’s) by going HERE

We hope it’s not too confusing that we’re posting diary comics from 2 months ago. I guess the idea is that eventually we’ll catch up with the present. Gotta mete out that content.

Speaking of which, check out the gratuity button on the sidebar there if you think all this is worth a couple rubles. We’re unemployed & our drawing arm isn’t working right & we’re trying to get the Sick graphic novel finished so we can sure use all the help we can get at present. Even just a comment would be nice really! It doesn’t have to even be nice, just some recognition that you can hear us Major Tom

3 Comments on “1/31/14”

    • Looking forward to sick in paper form. Maybe kickstarter that shit? All it took for me to throw some dollhairs into Sleep of Reason was knowing you were in there.

      Oh, and, unrelated, but sorry for never responding to letters you send when you mail out packages. It’s awesome that you do it, but i kinda don’t know how to respond to mail, you know. too used to e-mail where the previous letter is right on top so you can remember what you wrote. I’m always wondering “will he even remember he wrote to me or what he wrote to me? or will it come off ‘yeah, but butter is totally not good for that’ and then you’ll be like ‘what the eff is up with this guy”. but yeah, hopefully i’ll send you a letter in reply anyway and maybe you can decipher it.

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