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Month: August 2012

postscript to the LSD (& a picture)

Regular readers might remember our recent Laughing Squid Debacle, in which we were presented with a $308 bill from our webhosts after hotlinking of our “Sick” comic blew up our bandwidth past all sanity. Well, our readers came to our rescue with extreme prejudice, erasing the entire sum of our debt in just one day!

The internet taketh, The internet giveth

GOOD NEWS!!!!! As of this posting, thanks to the kind, super-rad, completely selfless & genuinely magnanimous donations of you or people like you, we’ve recouped almost our entire losses from the Laughing Squid Debacle [LSD]!!!! We pledge our souls to the following adorable individuals: Dragon Messmer Alex Nall Claire Burville Nicholas Underwood Elisabeth Loge Ian

Today’s RDA of irony (and an SOS)

Hello everyone. We here at the Playhouse must indulge in a rare episode of Complete And Desperate Earnestness. So there’s this webcomic we’ve been drawing over the past year — some of you might know it as “Sick.” For a while we were posting it in episodes on this website. That is, until we realized

the latest ooze

There’s a couple more watercolors up for sale at the store. Hmm. We’ve been having trouble classifying these comic-like watercolor objets d’cartoon — are they comics-blog updates? Should they be showcased as Readable Content, or Materializations of Commerce? Is there a way to treat them as both? Art’s fuckin’ crazy, isn’t it. Oh well —