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Month: September 2013

Hunting Season

Click the images above to see them bigger. The quotes are, of course, all real. A pdf of the 2013-14 Iowa Hunting and Trapping Regulations may be viewed here in its entirety: …But we got our copy in paper, at the public library. These watercolors are, as usual, for sale (as a pair) at

A Resounding Apathy

Here’s the letter we wrote to Iowa City’s Public Art Program, to go along with our Donation Station art proposal: Dear [name redacted], In reply to the recent Call to Artists from Iowa City’s Public Art Advisory Committee, I’d like to submit two proposals (attached) for potential improvements to our downtown’s Donation Stations. I hope

Atlas Plugged A Meter

Ah, Art. When hasn’t it served the whims of power? In this calamitous new dark age of outlandish wealth disparity, unprecedented secret surveillance, marauding kill-robots, world-destroying corporate negligence, and this asshole, it seems only fitting, even inevitable, that we here at the Playhouse should follow suit (& tie) — if for no other reason than

A recurring illness

After years of pestering from fans, the comic that once burned Gabby’s Playhouse to the ground is back!* Sort of. Tentatively. The first six parts, anyway: This banner linking to “Sick” is now prominently displayed right at the top of the dilapidated trophy case of our “webcomics” page, if you ever need a quick pick-me-down.

more fungal emissions

Here’s something that’s been gathering mold in our outbox for a while now: The original watercolor of this image is unusually large (9″ x 12″) — and is, as usual, for sale over at the store. We’re also trying to make prints of it, but the watercolor paper isn’t scanning too well (as you can