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Month: October 2013

how cartoonists ignore you

Here’s some doodles we doodled recently on some spare scraps of paper, as a way to numb out the tedium of reality during a recent extended meeting of our our housing collective (click bigger): We have no “real comics” — ie, comics that took us longer than 3 minutes to draw — this week because

GS Puffinstuff

Presenting: a milestone in our macrofungalphilia! Click to make it bigger. This watercolored page is available for sale at our store. It costs a bit more than our usual page-rate. Besides it being twice the size of our usual output, this is because quite honestly, we’re in love with this page, and don’t want to


Click it bigger: Are we being too sensitive? Anyway, we apologize that our “comic” effort this week isn’t anything topical or incisive concerning The World As It Is Today. This week we’re just indulging in a little light-hearted, heavy-handed, happy-go-lucky sad-sackin’. Because really, how pathetic would this comic be if it were about the “shutdown”