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Month: November 2013

Pay-what-you-wish Posters for “sale”

   We’re offering you both these posters as a pair on a pay-what-you-wish basis. $5 is added to cover shipping & the tube, but other than that, you can have both these works of Ahhht for anything you think they’re worth! Just enter a number in the field, & it will be so. Both posters

Our Debasement Is Your Holiday Savings

Good news, all you people who silently move among the binary coding of this website: We just lowered the prices of everything we’re currently selling at the Store! By, like, a lot. If you scroll to the bottom of that page you’ll also see something exciting: we’re now selling copies of Monsters in French &

Nature’s harsh lessons

(click bigger. The original’s for sale here.) Lately we’ve been trying to learn how to draw forests better. (See also this page.) We didn’t really have a plan for how to finish this one when we started drawing it, but it seems to have turned out sad anyway! Maybe the li’l guy can cook up