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Month: March 2014


click it bigger. Don’t forget about our society6 site, which has got some prints & t-shirts on it. We’ll be adding more designs as we grind them out, drawing arm permitting. Also we’re still doing a radio show on KRUI & you can hear a lot of episodes (including last night’s) by going HERE We


click it bigger. There’s been reports of getting “forbidden” denials when trying to look at comics on this website — please let us know if that’s happening to you! Or if you just want to say “hello.”

Cranking the ignition on the machinery of commerce

Hey, it’s Saturday and you’re probably just sitting about perusing Ye Olde Nette. (Haha that’s probably not true, it’s the New Economy, you’re at work aren’t you?) Anyway we just wanted to let you know that if you were looking for Clothes, or perhaps just More Useless Objects On Your Wall, a website in California

An Open Letter to Eric Oliver, PhD

To Corresponding Author J. Eric Oliver, PhD, Department of Political Science, University of Chicago, 518 Pick Hall, 5828 S University Ave, Chicago, IL 60637 In regards to this, via this, via the reprinted USA Today article in today’s local daily Dear Dr. Oliver, I can’t afford a JAMA subscription, so please tell me it’s just


click bigger. Also, an almost complete recording of last night’s Abandoned Playhouse can be heard HERE. And do check out the growing archive of shows & playlists HERE. All free, all the time, although we have no idea why we do this instead of something that actually might pay our rent.