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Month: June 2014


Click bigger. It’s weird that by the time you read this i will probably have already taken a bus to Chicago (just to visit this time) and will have all sorts of new life-inputs to digest. And maybe even an apartment and LOTS LESS CASH…………… exciting times.


Click it bigger. We hope this diary comic thing keeps up but our life is going to explode into ~~~~TURMOIL~~~~~ very soon and who knows how this will affect our Online Persona, much less our Brand! Probably really badly! Unless you have a really sweet cheap apartment in Chicago you’re trying to rent……………………..

In which we chase gainful employment through the gates of Moloch

Sorry there’s no diary comic today — we’ve been extremely busy planning an irl move. Due in part to a scandalously sudden & attractive job offer, and propelled by a desire to get out of Hawkeye territory before the next football season, we’ve set ourselves on a dizzyingly curt trajectory straight into that lakeside locale

content ahoy

No comic today, but here is a picture of a nice little bolete that’s better than anything we could create [EDIT: Like everything beautiful in this life, this picture was taken off my website because someone was hotlinking the hell out of it over the course of like 3 years]


For years we’ve been admirers of the simple but elegant economics of Dorothy Gambrell’s Donation Derby comic. You pay something, you get a comic, & the rest of us get to read it. We’d love to do something similar, except 1) she already thought up this idea; 2) we fear we wouldn’t get any “donations”;