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Month: March 2016

art: a very big deal

“The purpose of art is to lay bare the questions hidden by the answers.” -James Baldwin “We have all the answers. It is the questions we do not know.” -Dostoyevksy “Art is not a mirror reflecting society but a hammer to shape it.” -Bertolt Brecht, possibly via Trotsky Yeah well


“I think that our only route to freedom and our only route to pleasure can come after we have first recognized that freedom and pleasure are not possible in this world.” –Nagisa Ôshima


not much time to post this week as circumstances have spiraled into Max Workload territory, after idly agreeing to perform a comic story for the upcoming Zine Not Dead event on March 5th (tomorrow). (The link goes to a facebook event page, which probably most people know how to glean information from but i don’t.)