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Month: April 2016

The only thing i know (1 of 5)

The first page of a 5-page “comic” that will be appearing in a collection of diary comics entitled A Process of Drastically Reducing One’s Expectations, out this Fall. I’ll post the next pages M, W, F, & M. Spread out that content. Not sure why but that’s what i’m doing?

in search of the D (edited)

Not that i needed any more evidence that this cold, dirty, violent and bitter northern sports-city might be killing me, but this week a doctor diagnosed me with a severe vitamin-D deficiency, which could be the root of why my body & mind are falling apart. Hopefully that means my mood & health will improve


And so it begins. As haggard and frostbit as these incredibly overpriced little nubs of commodified wilderness may be, they serve as testament that somewhere out there — undoubtedly much further south than chicago — the fungi have begun plotting… Stay tuned for incoming (& most likely fruitless) Nature Pics

in short

I tried to make a list of things that were “chicago” and found out most (but not all) of these things are not things i am very much into. Not included: driving; driving large SUVs; honking while driving large SUVs; living in suburbs; racist cops; indoor rock-climbing; not minding pollution; Stalinists; socialists; literal white supremacists;