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6 Comments on “3-15-15”

    • haha yeah

      they’ll be in a book eventually! i just gotta finish Sick first (hopefully this month) — thanks for letting me know that someone would actually read this if it happens

  1. Seconding the compilation idea. These are a great corrective to the vast majority of unreadable american diary comix.

  2. I love reading these so would be overjoyed to have them compiled in a book. They’re so much better than other diary comics and superior to Clowes current spate of ‘whining unlikable middle class white guy’ books he’s been doing (totes did not just take this as a opportunity to slag Clowes) ahaha…You should also include the odd ridiculous comment, like when that person told you to cheer up (like how’d they even get here??From their weirdo optimism fantasy land) I found it funny anyways. This is repeating Simon’s sentiment but it involves a sad corgi so it clearly has value.

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