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7 Comments on “3-27-15”

  1. Totally with you on this one – that “so smooth” feeling is one of the few things that gives me a sense of achievement :)

  2. You could always come back to Iowa City… *waggles eyebrows* I’m sure you miss the drunk college kids and the facist cops. :3

    • thx Schmeagan, i’ve definitely considered moving back. there’s just the job thing and the money thing and the is-it-really-worth-it thing and the neurotic-paralysis thing… among other things

  3. There are affordable parts of Red State California that would welcome you with open arms. The hard thing is getting to purple/blue places without a car.

  4. Chicago IS kind of a bullshit town, you should move to Minneapolis. “Paris of the midwest” everyone rides bikes year round and loves comic books. and there is tons of infrastructure, and jobs. the winters are much colder and longer than the what you’ll find in chicago. but the benefit is over time breathing that much frozen air from jet stream transforms us all into invincible super humans who can levitate up to a height of 6 ft,see in the dark, absorb the life energy of depressed people, feel no pain, and breathe under water.

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