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404 the love of god


Sorry clicking on the diary comics lately takes you to a 404 page. Your guess is probably better than ours as to why this keeps happening — we’ve tried resetting permalinks, changing permissions, even manually putting code in to our .htaccess file, & the problem persists. Our arm problem is pretty bad right now so we can’t spend too much time at the keyboard, but if anyone has any suggestions on how to make our comics viewable we’d love to read them!

thanks/sorry/end our miserable lives

9 Comments on “404 the love of god”

      • plugins! that could be. it definitely seems to be a problem with the .htaccess, but the usual fixes recommended by wordpress sites aren’t working (including adding a chunk of code to the .htaccess page).

        but i haven’t added any plugins recently so nothing’s screaming at me yet….

        the reason you can see the full image with the “4-4-14” version is the image files are named as hyphenated dates, so that’s, for example, 4-4-14.gif, which still shows up as a (weird-looking) page without any of the accompanying text i’d added to the post. the permalink for the whole post though is, ie, 4414, sans hyphens.

        this has happened before & seemed to get fixed mostly at random by me fiddling with file permissions, but i gotta say it’s still a mystery! thanks for the help.

    • that does seem to be a weird trick for seeing the full image, thanks. but it doesn’t fix the problem of what’s causing the 404s. that’s bcs i’ve named the images as those dates with hyphens in it, so wp will display it as a page if you type it in like that, even without the .gif appended (for some weird reason).

      however, doing it that way still doesn’t take you to the actual page, so it won’t display any of the other text i’ve added to the post, because the name of the post’s page is, for example, 4614, without hyphens. i’m guessing that when wp takes out the slashes of the dates in the name of the post, in order to make the permalink, something gets lost in the code — but i haven’t had the time to test this theory by re-posting the posts or looking at the code!

      but at least this way you can see the whole big image, thanks

      • WordPress creates “attachment” pages when you upload images – that’s the /4-16-14/

        It is odd that /4-6-14/ works fine, as does loading the gif directly – doesn’t seem like a file permission issue, at least not on the image files.

        Email me if you want – I do this kind of thing for a living (when my kids allow it)

        • thanks for the help man. it’s comforting to know you think it’s not a permissions issue. i’m starting to wonder if me typing in “4/24/14” as the title in the title field & then wp auto-converting that to “42414” in the permalink is messing up the code somehow, but i’ve re-posted all the posts & i’ll see if not doing that fixes it!

          tl;dr city

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