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Our deepest apologies for what must be the single worst drawing of a garbage bag in the history of the cartooning medium.

6 Comments on “5-18-15”

  1. What led to the decision to delete your Twitter(s)? Not questioning the rightness of that idea, but just curious…

  2. Dude…I feel you. I’ve been experiencing similar issues. I was reading Carlos Ruiz Zafon’s ‘The Prisoner of Heaven’ yesterday and saw the following passage:
    “Destiny does not make house calls: you have to go find it yourself.”
    I get discouraged too easy and find myself cocooning up. I can’t do that anymore.

  3. RIP @foodstampbeer, had some real quality tweets and gave me some laughs.Hope the evil trolls that nice boy Dril is constantly fighting didn’t get you. The garbage bag kinda looks like it has one of those #1 football foam hands in it. Its where a foam hand belongs. And yay for finishing this comic! woo willpower!!

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