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3 Comments on “6-11-15”

  1. i’m not sure but laughing squid says i’m using too much bandwidth (maybe it’s hotlinking? i’m too stupid to know). they told me to install some jetpack add-ons and as of today claim it seems to have helped some, and might mean i pay less next month. it was amusing that they put the burden on me to contact them again to see if it’s ok to lower my payments again, but that’s business i guess. it all really makes me wonder why i’m not just ditching the website for a tumblr & being done with it.

  2. Ok, let me tell you a thing. I looked at Laughing Squid’s pricing table and based on the space / bandwidth that they offer, it is *way* too expensive. Is there any way you can figure out how much space your site takes up and how many gigs of bandwidth you use? I’d like to make your website my Personal Projectâ„¢.

    Regarding the hotlinking, that’s definitely something that needs investigating and there are ways to mitigate it. I was also thinking you could put your images on something like Flickr and just not worry about hosting them yourself.

    Anywho, I’m gonna email you.

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