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Oh relax Gabby, it’s probably just (agonizingly painful) stomach ulcers.

8 Comments on “6-19-15”

  1. Gabby, please see a doctor. Please. Figure the money shit out later.

    You have one body. Take care of it.

  2. Gabby, wouldn’t you be happier up in Canada? Where there’s free healthcare, forests for days and people say “soory” instead of “go fuck yourself”? C’mooooonnnnnnn.

    • i most definitely would be (marginally) happier! however, canada has safeguards to protect it against broke, unskilled foreigners slithering across its borders to steal jobs & healthcare away from its native sons & daughters. the only work i could get up there would be under the table (read: migrant labor), which i am too crippled to perform. and the art-grant loopholes the creative class usually exploits are only available (wisely) to youths. the only other option would be some kind of teaching position — but unfortunately i’m not a good enough artist to bag something like that.

      i did try living in montreal once a few years ago, and enjoyed it very much — but then the money i’d saved ran out, & i had to leave. *cue randy bachman singing “livin in the USA”*

      i’m probably not cut out for the cold up there anyhow. although from what i read, in 10-20 years that won’t be a problem anymore!

    • thanks for the tip, as soon as i get my possible work healthcare sorted i will check this out! (there’s a good chance i won’t be able to afford my work healthcare.)

    • thanks for the tip! it’s funny you should bring up libraries though, just today a lady came in to my workplace and told us a tale of woe concerning the impossibility of getting a paying library job in chicago… she said she’d been volunteering at a branch for years & was quitting this year because they wouldn’t put her on payroll, despite her graduate degree in library science… anyhow the one thing i am relatively satisfied with in my life right now is my bookstore job, i’ve definitely had worse. now if only it (or any other job i’m actually qualified for) would pay me a living wage in this city……

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