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2 Comments on “7-16-15”

  1. Hey man you’re “killin’ it”, as I believe the youth say, with these diary comics! I was just thinking about you, the only (tenuous) connection we have is that I bought a book off you which you drew a very nice sketch in…and I lent that book to my friend (Monsters, yeah, your masterpiece, oh that reminds me, how is the French edition doing? Very well, I hope!) (he’s pretty new to “alternative comics” but y’know he’s an open minded dude), when he gave me it back he was all like: “whoa dude that was farkin’ ace! I have to get a copy!”, then proceeded to show me his favourite pages n’ that…I had to inform him that Monsters is out of print (or it certainly looks that way!) and it’s probably NOT CHEAP on EBay or Amazon or whatever…I’m close to insane for lending a signed, drawn in comic, he (Liam) always takes good care of my shit, tho’….however Liam DID buy a copy of “Tales From The Dahlhouse” which, again, he really enjoyed (especially the “old punk” and Gordon Smalls stuff)! I told him to check out your site/blog, ’cause of Sick (it was down the first time I showed him), which I dunno if he’s done yet. Is Sick gonna be published? I hope so, I really do.
    Anyhow. Just a quick “hello” really from a fan. Hope this message finds you well and happy. If not, just think: “my art has TRULY TOUCHED people all over this world! My comics MEAN A LOT to those people! I’m LUCKY!”
    Bestest of wisheses,

    Ant Volley

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