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6 Comments on “8-15-15”

  1. I’ve started getting the impression that you don’t like Chicago?? Not sure why ;)
    Come live in New Zealand. Probably the same ratio of good people vs assholes, more nature, less opportunities, less pressure, less pay.

    • new zealand! I’M ON MY WAY!!

      i have actually wanted to move to new zealand for quite a while, and i would move there in an auckland minute if i had any sort of connection or job lined up. which, i’m guessing, is an impossible dream. also it sounds like i might need a car there…

      but still, less death threats for less pay sounds just fine to me.

      • SEE YOU SOON!!

        Auckland is NZ’s only ‘real’ city – nobody really likes it! Come to Wellington, you really don’t need a car here!
        I can just imagine the creative change would be weird for you. Everything’s so small scale – if you’re into something niche, eg zines (let alone a particular type), it’s such a small pool of people here, your potential audience/colleague group is going to be crazy tiny compared to the states or wherever. But thank god for the internet.

        That said I do love it here, and there’s always some awful job going somewhere (something has to stay awful, happy people make shitty dairy comics!)

        • after extensive research (google map street view and 2 travel websites) i’ve come to 2 conclusions: 1) living in Wellington would be pretty cool; 2) living in Wellington would be super expensive! (i’m guessing these two things are correlated.) it’s too bad i am not a Rich Person with Marketable Skills! at this point even the plane ticket there is a pipe dream. but it does seem like a great city, and i see there’s even a mushroom club. does New Zealand have any sort of asylum track for lefty UnitedStatesian wingnuts?

          • Yeah it is expensive, the ‘low pay’ is relative to the living costs which are still pretty high. After rent and food you’re not saving much (especially if you need beers…)
            haha I dunno if we’ve instituted any kind of ‘people sick of chicago’ asylum/ support program, seems like an oversight really

  2. get outta tha states while you can, before you’re chipped and tracked during your next hospital trip. go somewhere with no extradition treaty or at least outside the 5-eyes network. get a horse in ulaanbataar.

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