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5 Comments on “9-20-15”

    • sounds cool! actually i was just looking for something to plant on the other side of my yarrow planter after i take out the chard & bring it inside. #WhyNotPurslane

      • #WhyNot! Was thinking it’d be a satisfying forage but better to grow, who knows what horrible shit you stand to ingest when picking weeds out of driveways… kind of offsets the potential bpa removal

        • yeah i worry about that a lot, foraging around chicago, which is basically a giant hazmat site/illegal industrial dumping ground for organized crime. just today in fact i was snooping around a decrepit “forest preserve” right at the end of like 12 o’hare airport runways; everything looked poisoned and there were some fried-looking deer that i swear were deaf from the constant roar/exhaust of plane engines. BUT! good news, my roommate who works on a farm just told me she can get me some purslane! thanks again for the tip. #BPAfreein2016 #probablynotthough

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