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A recurring illness


After years of pestering from fans, the comic that once burned Gabby’s Playhouse to the ground is back!* Sort of. Tentatively. The first six parts, anyway:


This banner linking to “Sick” is now prominently displayed right at the top of the dilapidated trophy case of our “webcomics” page, if you ever need a quick pick-me-down. Check back there over the next week(s) or so to see if we’ve added any more parts of the story (there’s about 24 or so total).

We’re a bit hesitant to return our magnum onus to the Playhouse plate, since the last time it was up in its entirety, a rush of viewers overloaded our bandwidth allotment by about, oh, literally 1000%; our ISP shut the Playhouse down and, for a while, threatened us with a giant (and, it turns out, illegal) bill. Ah, the internet: where the canvas is infinite, & so are the fees!

Thanks to the largesse of some truly amazing Playhouse fans we were able to keep the site alive; however, we’re really hoping we never have to go through the hell of that much internet popularity ever again. So it is our hope that, by now, Sick Fever has died down enough for the majority of you to retain your apathy, & not cause another stampede toward one of the most depressing cartoons in existence. If re-posting the first six parts doesn’t send the Playhouse back to the poorhouse, we’ll start slowly putting up the rest of the story, in all its cost-free, ad-free glory.

Speaking of bankruptcy, we’re still working on the print version of “Sick.” We experienced some small delays in the process when we realized the whole thing looks like Utter Shit in print form. In the rare moments we’re not scrounging for rent pennies, we’ve been re-drawing literally the entire story from scratch, & coloring it with watercolors as an improvement on that awful garish photoshop crap you see in the original webcomic. So that should be done in, uh, haha, we’ll get back to you on that. For now though, enjoy some pixels on us.

*Some backstory, for our newer visitors: “Sick” was originally “published” on Gabby’s Playhouse in 2011, in irregular chunks, after we emerged from a truly Boschian bout of mystery ailment. We were unemployed, destitute, & at our meager wit’s end over how or why we were going to continue drawing comics. We were rooming in a South Brooklyn tenement at the time, gradually becoming aware of how deeply out-of-place we really were in the midst of that self-aggrandizing, wallet-emptying, wealth-worshipping, carcinogen-coating shitropolis. So, like the idiots we are, we drew a comic about it.

12 Comments on “A recurring illness”

  1. #1. I heart your art. Dahlhouse literally fell off a shelf at me in a dingy little bookshop & I adore it.
    #2. Sick speaks to me in (6 so far) VOLUMES. Last year I fractured my thigh & dislocated my knee… not being solvent enough to afford healthcare I have a seemingly permanent limp… thanks, American “healthcare.”
    #3. Thanks for being honest about business. Keep on keepin’ on. We need more artists like you.

  2. Hey! I will definitely be picking up the printed copy. Can’t wait till the rest of the parts are up, your comic speaks volumes to me. I remember reading the other parts before it was taken down.

  3. I started thinking of this again today. Looks like we’re still stuck at part 6. Any more forthcoming?

    (Surely this can’t be the first webcomic at grave risk of causing server overload? Don’t folks use Amazon Webservices or something when that starts to become worrisome?)

    • someone else just asked about it! Ironically, i’ve been too busy (still) drawing the book version of Sick to put more pages of the original Sick back up on the website (also, trying to make rent). But once i get a few free hours (& my arm stops hurting) i’ll try to get a few more pages up! Today I even thought about just making a pdf of it & selling the whole thing as a digital book but — i’m not smart enough to know how to do that just yet.

        • I have! Was it about when Sick would be done? If so, I’m about 10-12 pages from the end. I had to take a long break & blow a bunch of deadlines because my drawing arm got too messed up to use a pen or a laptop. It’s still bad but i’m trying to limp across the finish line.

        • sorry for being such a tease with the webcomic. It’s just too much of a pain in the ass to put it all up, since it’s all raw html & the arm-damage all that typing requires is better spent on finishing the book. i just can’t figure out how to spell “internet” without “intern”

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