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  1. GEE ZUS fucking christ your strip called sick is depressing. Don’t get me wrong i’m far from one of these hope springs eternal people, but isn’t there anything worth it all to you?

  2. I LOVED your strip called “Sick”! Depressing, yes, but so exactly how I feel when needing a doctor and having no insurance. Great work!

  3. Thanks for the comic ‘sick’. It voiced many feelings of mine very specifically, and it’s nice to relate to those feelings somewhere outside my own head

  4. I loved “Sick”. I feel that I have been in a similar place in my life, many times. Even in the good times, I can pull back the curtains and take a peek at that place – it’s always right there. And in the end, that too is life, and it makes the rest sweeter simply because of what is so nearby at all times. But then I’m genetically predisposed to optimism.

  5. Stumbled onto “sick” and thought it was remarkable, so here I am. Great work, reminiscent of ZAP comics and the great Crumb.

    Keep up the great work…by the way, what ever happened to him in the end of “sick”? Is there more than 1-17 ?

    • thanks! there’s a few more “episodes” that i still haven’t put up, and my publisher’s going to make a book of it when i finish it, out probably sometime in early 2013…. i’ll try to get all the available parts up on the site soon.

  6. Hey fellow human, I really enjoyed “sick,” and it seems everyone else here did, also. I hope it makes you feel good to know that something you created makes people feel better about life. Or at least feel more at ease, knowing that life drives other people as batshit crazy as it drives them. It’s that old “misery loves company” cliche, but it really is helpful, if only for a few moments. Thanks.

  7. You are extraordinarily talented. I really enjoyed reading through the comics and seeing the pictures and how much time you must have put into them. Especially “Sick” which I Stumbled Upon. Thanks for making your thoughts public through your art. They are worth the read.

  8. it made me cry coz i am sick aswell and knowing that i cant change anything making me even more sick and my friends comment on that ” wtf that comic is you but it is a bit depressing” i am on the verge of explosion all the time. Full of rage and hate but against who or against what? probably against myself snce i am the one who cant change anything and still here, still trying to play this game. I dont wanna even play but yeh its not that easy… I am so sorry for all of us. Its all i can do feeling sorry…

  9. I loved your small references to Hawaii in “Sick.” They were subtle but helped me relate even more to your thoughts, being from there as well. Exceptional work.

  10. I’m from hawai’i, have an alcoholic/abusive dad/are somewhat-of an-incompetant cook/was a political cartoonist/just got a fancy ambulance ride. “Sick” was me. Awesome. <3

  11. I just read ‘Sick’ and it was a fucking waste of my time. What’s up with the ending? You suck.

    Just kidding, great work! The illustrations are very well done and it made me really think. I feel like just about anyone can relate to this story.

  12. “Sick” was incredible.

    “But its not that easy, is it?”

    Pretty much sums it all up.

    It seems like so many people agree with your sentiments. Maybe someday we’ll all get together and do something about anything.

  13. I’m in bed, sick as shit. Staring at books, realizing I have no time for rest. And I’ll have to say goodbye to my precious sleep to catch up. Maybe if i stare long enough, the homework will do itself.
    Wondering why I keep getting myself into these situations. Why, at 30, I still haven’t learned anything. Feeling time dripping away while I’m doing the same thing I’ve been doing for the past few hours: nothing.
    And at this moment, reading ‘sick’.
    Now I hate you.
    Just so you know.

  14. The biting reality of “Sick” was highly resonant…A dark but genuine reflection of one’s greatest fears scribbled with morbidly honest regret. Generativity versus stagnation in the great quest to reconcile one’s deepest wounds and lost hopes in a finite, delicate existence. It is a tale without resolution that, for some reason, feels reminiscent of peanut butter, clostridium difficile, and unrequited love. Thank you for being real in a way so devoid of pride that is somehow makes it less alienating to be miserable, ashamed, and completely alone.

  15. Thank you for ‘Sick’. In this point of my life it really reached out to me. I was able to in-vision myself in every illustration because I too always feel like the ‘tag-along’. The one who is there, but really isn’t… Like invisible.
    One of my favorite parts was the idea of needing a past to build upon to create your own true character/personality. I feel that recently I’m having trouble finding a ‘base’ to build myself upon. I’ll get there soon though.

  16. This probably sounds lame, but I’m honestly sitting here at work wondering if you took words out of my brain and made “Sick”.

    This thing spoke to me like you wouldn’t believe and are my sentiments exactly. Growing up in the middle of the country, I can’t stand most people and have become most comfortable in the “wombiest” of places.

    All I can say is thank you for your work and never stop. I’m now and forever will be a fan. Please make as much stuff as possible for me to consume as it gives me hope to think there are others out there with the same thoughts.

    But just what to do with them…

  17. I love this so much I can’t even

    When I think about the reasons why comics mean so much to me I think of Sick. Omg. I love this so much.

    Your visual style, the desperation, the very pressing reality of living without health insurance while simultaneously being surrounded by privilege…

    I can’t wait to read the rest.

    “All I can say is thank you for your work and never stop. I’m now and forever will be a fan. Please make as much stuff as possible for me to consume as it gives me hope to think there are others out there with the same thoughts.”


  18. welp, looks like I’ve gotta go kill myself now. Interesting that I stumbleupon “Sick” when I get home from a depressing, bad day at work. Ugh.

    But yea, amazing.

  19. absolutely loved sick on so many different levels. as i continued to scroll down, i felt that most of my own thoughts and beliefs were being symbolized by you in such an amazing way. I try to enlighten people with so many of the different ideals you touched on, with the same response you showed, nobody ever wants to listen. ignorance truly is bliss. great work sir! i will be passing this on to everyone i know even if they click away from it, the few that read it will get some serious enlightenment out of it. you are truly a visionary. i can not wait for the book with the rest of the story. that was one of the best things i have ever seen! THANKS AGAIN!!!

  20. I read “Sick” after spending months of involvement with the ACA and the last 5 months training assistors and enrolling needy Tennesseans in the Affordable Care Act. Our benighted Governor Haslam and his cronies in the General Assembly did not choose to expand Medicaid/Tenncare in the State of Tennessee. As I have said many times before, it was heartbreaking to have to tell needy folks that they were too poor to be eligible for the ACA and because our Governor and General Assembly did not elect to expand Medicaid/Tenncare, the safety net that SHOULD have been there for them was NOT there for those needing health coverage. Your series 1 – 6 could have been a script for this scenario. I would love to see the conclusion of the
    “Sick” series. I hope it has a happier ending than Tennessee’s.

  21. I had come across “Sick” a couple years ago. I just tried googling it and found the comic again and your website. Is there any place that has the entire full comic on it? I remember the comic touching upon your childhood and how you were initially inspired by the Family Circus comics and how you’ve only had fleeting moments of pseudo-happiness with girlfriends. Where’s all of that?

    • it’s coming! Well, sort of. We’re working hard on a print version of the whole comic with a lot of added stuff at the end, but that meant redrawing the whole thing & watercoloring it, so we’ve been finding it hard to spend any additional time staring at the comic just to get it back up on the site. But it’ll be back in some form eventually, sorry for the mystery.

    • Mr. Trubee, it’s an honor! Sadly i had to give up my timeslot when i moved to Chicago, but KRUI was your typical college station — low wattage, small devoted listenership mostly surrounding the University of Iowa in Iowa City:

  22. Hi, loved your “monster”. would like to follow you on instagram.
    would it be fine with you to tell me your instagram account?
    Greetings from Munich, Germany.