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Blood WaterColor Sex Tragik


Over at our “store” we just put up a few of our newer watercolors, such as the one pictured above. They have been freshly culled from our secret sketchbook — a special book we sewed together ourselves out of glue, dental floss, fine watercolor paper and dreams. What dreams, you ask? Only that you buy the things, even though they are just weird stream-of-consciousness doodles to occupy ourselves between doing Actual Work and stalking groundhogs.

This is only half of them, we’ll be back next week with more! Some of them quite natty, if we do type so ourselves.

Not much else going on at the moment, to be honest. We may go to the State Fair this week!

3 Comments on “Blood WaterColor Sex Tragik”

  1. I know you said it’s secret but might you allow a glimpse of your special book? Maybe just a lil’ look at the binding for those of us who get excited about such things?

    • tragically, all but about 5 of the pages have already been cannibalized & spread around the world to people who have bought prints! so it looks pretty nasty now. i have a few more that i could take a picture of? i dunno they’re pretty ugly man

      • Eh, I’m not concerned so much about pretty bindings, just curious how you sew them up and if you’re reinforcing the spine. Bookbinding is such a great skill, and I get nosy as hell about other people’s books.

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