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New Book

hello just popping in my utter crypt of a Web Site to announce a new book for sale: TELL IT TO THE HOLE TELL IT TO THE HOLE u can click the link to buy it on lulu. and i will happily send u a free one if you can help me navigate my ftp

Sudden unexpected new book for sale

I have a new book out! Alec Longstreth’s bizarre, Fitzcarraldo-like obsession with publishing my awful diary comics (previously only seen on this extremely obscure & neglected website) has beaten the odds and reached fruition! A Process of Drastically Reducing One’s Expectations is an almost 400-page collection of the diary comics and doodles i scrawled out

still alive post

These words are just a means of confirming that my Online Presence persists — but since it’s so much easier than posting pictures on this website, here is an arrow pointing to my instagram account: ————> @gabbyschulz I know i promised some of you links to copies of Sick, which still haven’t materialized (the links,

a nation nukes my nucleotides — or, my idea of fun

As anyone unfortunate enough to be trapped in a conversation with me for more than ten minutes can attest, my research of Nuclear Misadventure has become a major hobby. I believe the fashionable term is “passion project” — one that basically everyone i’ve ever met has passionately projected themselves away from, when the subject arises.

Hear my grumpy Bullwinkle-with-a-headcold voice

Just a little note here on ye olde Personal Blogge that i was recently recorded in conversation with Sean Ford for Inkstuds: It was quite an honor to be granted this brief sliver of attention in an otherwise deliberately apathetic culture/job market! I’m sure everything we said was incredibly insightful and uplifting, but since