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Cranking the ignition on the machinery of commerce


Hey, it’s Saturday and you’re probably just sitting about perusing Ye Olde Nette. (Haha that’s probably not true, it’s the New Economy, you’re at work aren’t you?) Anyway we just wanted to let you know that if you were looking for Clothes, or perhaps just More Useless Objects On Your Wall, a website in California (and I) can help you out, because now we have our own Society6 page!

We recommend the “SATAN SAVES” t-shirt in black for the teen in your home.

3 Comments on “Cranking the ignition on the machinery of commerce”

    • yeah that might happen! although i’ll probably have to draw something new, i was going through all the files from the books & nothing seemed to look good as a t-shirt or print as-is. thanks for the suggestion though, i never know what anyone wants!

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