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do dulls


sorry for not having an enormous blog post this week, we got kinda internet shy after that last rant. here’s a doodle we doodled recently in our sketchbook:

sorry if the sizing is weird! (it might be both too big and too small.) someone bought these two pages from us at CAKE. we of course will have more for sale like this, since we are in The World of Watercolors recently.

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  1. This happened to me today. I was on a morning shift and waiting outside for a coworker to let me in as the doors were locked. A customer wants to be let in as well, but we had 5 minutes before we were meant to open. He makes a joke about being let in. I try to laugh and say ‘soon’, but I had only been awake for 50 minutes. I reply ‘cloon hnumb’ with a smile and quickly walk through the now open door.

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