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Hear my grumpy Bullwinkle-with-a-headcold voice


Just a little note here on ye olde Personal Blogge that i was recently recorded in conversation with Sean Ford for Inkstuds:

It was quite an honor to be granted this brief sliver of attention in an otherwise deliberately apathetic culture/job market! I’m sure everything we said was incredibly insightful and uplifting, but since my own voice sounds to me like a brain-damaged bear overdosing on codeine, i haven’t yet summoned the courage. If hope exists, it is my hope that you enjoy it, on this bullshit, eardrum-assaulting american holiday, in which we somehow manage to celebrate exactly all the things that make the world a nightmare. It is however an excellent day to test the theory that states one’s intelligence lowers in direct accordance with the amount of american-flag apparel they own!

1 Comments on “Hear my grumpy Bullwinkle-with-a-headcold voice”

  1. Hmmm, you don’t sound as old as I thought you might be. Tonally, I mean. In terms of content you’re definitely the old grumps I’ve been projecting through your diary comics!!
    Can’t wait for the book to make it to NZ/ to get my hands on it.

    I have lots of thoughts re. the interview but not sure how many I want to lay out in type… I just typed a bunch of stuff and then got rid of it because it’s just too damn hard to have a nuanced discussion via the internet, so I’ll drop the attempt.

    In general though, although society is forever heading down the global capitalist drain hole, I’ve been exposed to a lot of teens through work recently, and have had to start reconciling my views with the knowledge that, although their music sucks (TM), each generation does actually get a bit BETTER. Reinforced every time a friend my age moans about not being able to use “gay” or “retarded” as a casual slur because everything’s just getting too PC (read: getting better). Keeping a goat in the back yard isn’t going to save the world, as you say, but we’re just entering a time where ‘average’ people even take those kind of issues (eg their global influence) into consideration. In 20 generations perhaps it will be much more a part of our cultural DNA, to the point where people even actually GO OUT OF THEIR WAY AND DO THINGS.

    I like to imagine that I’m holding you gently to my chest while saying those sweet nothings. You, of course, are screaming and clawing at me. Let my words soothe your furrowed brow Gabby :3

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