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how cartoonists ignore you


Here’s some doodles we doodled recently on some spare scraps of paper, as a way to numb out the tedium of reality during a recent extended meeting of our our housing collective (click bigger):








We have no “real comics” — ie, comics that took us longer than 3 minutes to draw — this week because 1) we’ve been working on some Paying Gigs & some long-form stuff; and 2) we’re starting to think that, as far as Providing Content goes, people in the end really just don’t care whether they’re clicking Fine Art or Blind Farts. Just another symptom of our heady times here at the ass-end of history.

And speaking of finely rendered, eternal masterpieces of Sequential Art: just as a reminder, this beautiful page of our watercolored comics is still available at our store. It has occurred to us that, in last week’s blog post, we might have made it sound as if we were reluctant to sell this page to you. We assure you this is not so, and that if some kind & rakishly good-looking Collector of the Arts should choose to descend from the ether (Brooklyn) & purchase this frameable — nay, kissable — sliver of comics history, we would do everything in our power to reduce the distance between this papery proof of good taste and their longing bosom.

Of course, if simply off-loading some spare geld is your goal, you may, as always, make a much-needed charitable offering toward continued Playhouse operation by clicking the golden Paypal egg right at the top-right corner of this page.

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