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Hunting Season




Click the images above to see them bigger. The quotes are, of course, all real. A pdf of the 2013-14 Iowa Hunting and Trapping Regulations may be viewed here in its entirety: …But we got our copy in paper, at the public library.

These watercolors are, as usual, for sale (as a pair) at the store.

And if you can’t afford that (and who can blame you!), but enjoyed the comic, you now also have the option of giving an amount of your choice to the Playhouse here, via PayPal. All proceeds guaranteed to be put directly toward creating content for the Playhouse, or keeping the Playhouse running. Our legal team keeps this wording vague, since “directly toward” does include basic expenses for shelter & food. And we can assure you, those are some very basic expenses. We’d say “no donation is too small,” but let’s face it — it would probably irk both of us if more of your money went to PayPal’s transfer fees than to the Playhouse itself.

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