in case you stumbled onto this website for some reason i just wanted to let you know that i don’t update the blog anymore, & i know it (& thus me & my whole life also) looks super sad this way, all dusty & irrelevant, but i drove to downeast maine a couple months ago, and have been living in a cabin in the woods as of a couple days ago, which is beautiful and wonderful and also means i have to drive an hour to an internet connection. i’m very happy with this setup, except i also wish i had a nicer, simpler website.

toward that end, in the amazing event that you actually read this far, i have been looking for someone to help me pare down gabby’s playhouse to a nice simple portfolio and store (with a link to my instagram account, @gabbyschulz, for any Social Media Interactions because facebook & twitter freak me out). i know that simplifying my website sounds easy, but i’m not sure how to go about efficiently paring down a big bulky php mysql-database wordpress site to a simple economic html art site — if you know an easy way to do this, please get in touch at fantods @ gmail !! i am even willing to pay you for your help, in cash or art, because this site is probably now my only realistic means of support now that i’m basically squatting tom bombadil’s shack.

once i overhaul this site i can put up a bunch of prints and comics that i’ve been sitting on for a year or so, and make more prints and comics, and probably start a patreon so i can afford to keep making more comics and prints. you know. all the trappings of a real, genuine desperate middle-aged cartoonist in the 21st century.

and also! if you’re one of the few people who have been patiently waiting for me to sell you a copy of Sick, please email me ([email protected]) your address and i will send you a free copy by the end of the month, as a way of apologizing for keeping you waiting so long. van life and rural life have proved pretty disorganized affairs, and truth be known, i’ve also been spending most of my time and sanity for the past couple months trying to get rid of an intense rat-mite infection (don’t ask how i got this), which has me carting all my fabrics down to the laundromat every few days for yet another ineffectual wash cycle, and bathing with ineffectual but stinky sulfur soap at the gym, and spraying every surface down with ineffectual vinegar, rubbing alcohol, cedarcide, and permethrin… it’s been pretty rough, but now that i’ve moved away from the source of the mites maybe things will get better and i will recover a little sleep & sanity. enough to address my finances anyway. so maine has been a bit of a struggle, but also extremely, wonderfully pleasant and beautiful, and life after chicago has DEFINITELY been a large net gain. it’s amazing how often i pause to thank providence for giving me the strength to escape that dismal situation… and thank you to anyone who offered me any moral & financial support to do so. now if i could just get rid of the profound existential exhaustion of finding a reason to live in a world where donald trump literally runs the world and cartooning is still for kids…