In a way, yes, we did fall down a hole

We will now **STRAIN** to resist adding to that heap of blog posts piled up Everest-high on the internet in which the authors apologize for how long it’s been since their last update! Dear reader, we are all-too-painfully aware of how little such algorithms of apologetics matter in the scope of human existence, & we will not clog your precious moments on Earth with such flotsam. HOWEVER, if you are still reading this despite our long absence, we thank you for your dogged, enduring loyalty in the face of our grindingly persistent apathy.

So yes, we are alive (as much as we can claim to be, anyway); yes, in Real Life terms there have been some changes to the Playhouse — our corporeal bodies (which, by definition, you in Cyberspace could not possibly care less about) moved been transported, along with all our known worldly possessions (all five of them), a few states left to an undisclosed location which may or may not be within Iowa state lines.

And yes, although we have fuck-all evidence to prove it, we swear we have been drawing comics this whole time! We got some Paying Work(TM) contributing to the excellent-looking Sleep of Reason horror anthology, which we have, mere minutes ago, delivered unto “The Cloud.” The book should hould be out in June. And we’re now feverishly (more like clammily tbh) hammering away at the design for a DVD cover for a certain movie about a certain cartoon college. And then, IF AND WHEN we actually emerge at the other end of this salt mine of paying gigs, we can get back to doing what we love — drawing despairing diary comics & selling them to you! We’ve got quite a few Nuggets of Quotidian Truth(TM) stored up in the ol’ Diary Bank, & hopefully they’ll be burstin’ the ol’ Playhouse levee soon.

…LIKE YOU CARE. We know that all you really want to see are more kitties & doggies. So here’s a couple recent portraits to peruse, you curs (click them to make them bigger):




OH! We also recently contributed a few panels to the illustrious Trubble Club’s Infinite Corpse comic, which you can explore gratis on the other side of the link. See if you can find our strip!