Hey look, more new pages of comics! Well, surveil mah grits!



Click them in order to make them larger in size.

These two pages were done, if you can even believe this, to thank a cool friend who very selflessly gave us an old smartphone after we complained that our dumbphone just broke — & then, probably a day or two later, the Snowden leaks broke, & our already wingnut-high levels of paranoia shot up to somewhere so stratospheric that the only thing we could use this new cornucopia of new technology & fun for was for sending elaborate performance pieces to the silent, nameless NSA agents watching & listening on the other side of our AT&T connection.

Anyway, our friend — identity preserved for the purposes of an illusory privacy — will be receiving the original pages of this in the mail soon, so they won’t be for sale. But the rest of you are free to enjoy them digitally right here, any time you like — even you government agents in the back row!