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It’s A Wonderful Gripe


8 Comments on “It’s A Wonderful Gripe”

  1. Lots of love and empathy, Gabby.

    as someone who just crawled out of a deep dark worm-belly of all-digesting depression I feel ya.
    this was the worst bout yet; you know when you just don’t have the energy to deal with other people? I’d been feeling that way about myself for the last three months. I know you know. Jus sayin. the night ends and the sun rises again.

    Be well man

  2. You’re one of the things that keeps me from going there myself.

    I hope you never fall in so deep you don’t come out. :(

    I don’t know what I’d do without your art or your perspective.

  3. Such great comics, Gabby.

    Your honesty is so, So rare… and, although it may not answer those niggling questions that tap at your brain daily, know that you are ‘living’ more on the page that most people do in their office cubicles lives. Where would you rather be, free and a little down, or unconscious and free-falling to a grave?

    Keep going man, because you fill the hole in people’s lives (with your work) that you (at times) may find hard to. – Bobby.N

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