You know you’re fucking up your brand when you need to make an “i’m not dead” post on your little website — but here i am. Sick is officially out, and i am still trying to figure out how much postage will be to mail it to people both domestic and abroad. It is just a little too big to fit in a standard flat-rate priority envelope, so it might get expensive. We will be humping down to a branch of Chicago’s illustriously hateful US Post Office today to examine options. We have two boxes of Sicks and we would like to sell them to you, so please check back here soon for updates on ways we can make you pay.

CAKE was pleasant, if tainted by a record-setting mass-shooting event caused by an aggressive exchange of gunfire between former and current male law-enforcement authorities, all of whom were doubtless brimming with pathetically confused attitudes toward love and hate. However, last week our book also received a “red-star review” from Publisher’s Weekly here, which has christened me a “grim master of the form.” Which probably makes me a cartoon necromancer. I’d say i wish i could use my powers to make everyone on Earth gay, except for the fact that everyone on Earth is already gay, in endlessly, beautifully varying ways, and the only time that’s a problem is when a pocket of particularly toxic masculinity is injected with the steroid of judeo-christian murder-cult strictures on breeding, and the resulting contradictions create an unbearable crucible of self-hate which boils over hypocritically, enviously and murderously into the surrounding population — particularly that part of the population who has already worked through their demons and decided life is for living and loving, not closeted sublimation and fear. Unfortunately, our culture wholeheartedly gives preference to the latter over the former. So goes civilization.

Hopefully we will be traveling to SPX in September of this year, where, again hopefully, we will have a modest 400-page collection of diary comics and other drawings for sale, thanks to help from Alec Longstreth’s Phase 6 brand.

In other news, i was going to buy a new pillow, because my current pillows are really old, nasty and moldy — but i couldn’t find any on amazon that i could afford, so i just decided to not buy a new pillow. Also we’re planning on moving to the Puget Sound area this fall, if anyone has any advice about jobs or housing. It seems like with the mild winter and ample nature, Olympia would be a nice place to live, if i can find a job and a cheap apartment. Maybe soon the fault line will shatter and life there will become a hell, but hopefully that will happen long after i myself biodegrade.

Also here is a picture of a page from Sick because when i update this “blog” without a picture it makes it look weird and boring.