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Meet Gerald, A Shitty Dog


We dunno why we drew this but welp here it is


Click it bigger. The original watercolor is of course for sale over at The Store, as usual. We’re not even sure why you’d buy this one. It’s pretty random & doesn’t have much of a “message.” But also, we are almost entirely convinced that one of you out there has a dog that is almost exactly like this, & would like to keep this hanging above its head at all times.

Next week we’re gonna post a 2- or 3-page comic about how smartphones are bad and scary. There’ll be a lot of words and it’ll be pretty boring to read, so enjoy this mindless-indulgence comic with its garish, dazzling colors while you can.

4 Comments on “Meet Gerald, A Shitty Dog”

    • mmmmmmmaybe. it’s just such a convoluted, messy process to get it back up on the internet, & i’ve been so broke, that lately i’ve been too focused on other projects that promise a more immediate payoff. supposedly though i am still working on the book, & supposedly that will now come out sometime in 2014. sorry it had to disappear, i guess that’s what i get for thinking of it as disposable as i was posting it the first time.

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