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Monsters is back in print


After a seeming eternity in out-of-print purgatory, my sex-life-destroying herpes memoir Monsters is back in print!

Monsters - Cover

A few years ago it won a couple Ignatz awards, got into the 2012 Best American Comics Anthology, and was nominated for an Eisner. Now it’s got better binding.

It is available for preorder from Consortium here. It will probably be on sale retail from the Secret Acres website soon, and maybe from this website as well, if i ever move out of Chicago — the postal situation in this city is just too hairy to be worth it at the moment.

9 Comments on “Monsters is back in print”

  1. YES!!! I bought it in French because that’s all I could find and I found that because it was so expressively illustrated, it was still great even though I can’t read a lick of French!

    • oh hey shawn! did you buy the french version from the publisher’s website? i’ve actually got one copy of the new english edition, and i’d be happy to send you that one too/instead for free if you want to email me your address. reading comics in languages i don’t know is hella frustrating.

  2. It’s about time!
    I’ve been trying to get my hands on it for what feels like forever. Beginning of June, right?

  3. I got it on Amazon last year from some seller I can’t remember. Thanks for the offer, but I already pre-ordered a new one (in English). BTW, how are we going to get you back to Hawaii?

    • well, let me know if you want a copy of my new, much-more-depressing book when i get a few copies in May, i’d be happy to send you one gratis…

      i’ve been missing Hawai’i real bad for the past couple years, but i just assume there’d be no way i could get a job & pay rent. of course, there’s always the blanket solution to every 21st-century problem: grad school and moving back in with a parent! But i’m still on the fence about it (as i watch snow falling outside my workplace in literal April…)

  4. Jobs in Hawaii have been plentiful in the past few years (3.1% unemployment, 6th best in U.S.). I see help wanted signs everywhere I go. Of course, the cost of living is high, as you know, but it’s totally do-able, man. You can find a job pretty quick. I actually work with a guy from Chicago and he found the job within days and got hired on his first try. He’s been working with us a few weeks now and loves the change of scenery. If that’s not a sign, I don’t know what is!

    • dang, you’re sellin it!

      i just scrolled through the honolulu craigslist rooms-available and it made me feel all sorts of conflicting feelings and dredged up a lot of memories about my youth and it’s put me in a very philosophical mood. i might have to make some lists about this and think about it some more…

      speaking of signs, you might have seen on instagram that i just got diagnosed with acute vitamin-d deficiency today. maybe $800/month rent in kaimuki would be worth getting some extra sunlight? (also weirdly, we’re looking for a new person at my bookstore job and one of the applicants graduated punahou haha. no matter how far i go that place follows me)

  5. what is this better binding you speak of? if it ever gets hardcover treatment i’d buy another copy for myself: at its dimensions and you threw it with a good spin…

    i appreciate that consortium specifies the appropriate age with an accuracy of two decimal places. could you imagine a 17.99 year old reading this?

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