more spore at your door

Observe how this post contains more fungi than just the mold of inactivity presently covering the Playhouse gates — there’s also the fruiting body of a BRAND NEW COMIC!


Click it to make it grow. We drew this page recently in the midst of a reverie over some of the prettier species of fungi we’ve stumbled across over the past couple of months in our new Midwestern home state.

The original paper page of the above watercolor is naturally for sale at the store, as usual. And Monsterses are back in stock there, too.

Now that we’re done with our odyssean DVD digipak design duties for the Cartoon College movie, we hopefully can get back to churning out pages of watercolored comics on the good ol’ “PH” again. Please god, don’t let us slip into the lacuna of your disregard! We’re not compost quite yet!