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Here’s something that’s been gathering mold in our outbox for a while now:


The original watercolor of this image is unusually large (9″ x 12″) — and is, as usual, for sale over at the store. We’re also trying to make prints of it, but the watercolor paper isn’t scanning too well (as you can see from the textures shadowing the .jpg, & the shadows on the left side), & we were wondering if any artists more internet-savvy (read: younger) than us could give any logistics on how to create some quality prints out of this, so that more than one lucky person can enjoy hanging this on their wall.

We have more drawings cluttering up the Playhouse warehouse, which we’ll probably put up on the site this week. Which is only proper, seeing as there’s only a week left until Ignatz voting begins, & this website is inexplicably up for an award in the “Outstanding Website” category. Not that we think we’ll win a brick; by posting more, we’re just doing our least to be worthy of the nom. Also, we know we’ll probably get more traffic this week from the Ignatz-curious than we’re likely to ever see again on our long, smooth slide into obscurity, so… enjoy.

Speaking of which: we’ve been thinking. We’ve spent a whole lot of time on Twitter lately. Over the past couple of years, our use of the laziest of all social-media platforms has gone from an occasional indulgence, to a compulsive binge, to a compulsory habit, and we fear at this point that it has caused us to neglect our duties in other social strata — namely, drawing comics for this dumb vanity website. We also fear the NSA. And, despite Twitter’s relatively decent level of non-compliance with shadowy corpratocratic spooks, we’ve still found ourselves less & less enthusiastic about revealing our personal thoughts in a public forum that is being dragnetted for thoughtcrime (or just ad-catering) by possibly the widest, most well-funded surveillance regime in world history. In light of this, we’ve decided it’s best to ease up on all that Twit Shit & ease into a comfortable retirement back here on the old Playhouse pastures. It will, if nothing else, provide us with a decent view of the collapse of the internet, & Western civilization in general. And anyway, we’re paying $8 a month just to keep this thing running, so we might as well milk it. Expect a growing infiltration of TMI on this spot, soonwise.

Speaking of run-on sentences: Gabby’s Playhouse will soon be going OLD MEDIA! Yours trulies are slated to host a weekly show on local community FM station KRUI. The theme will be Fear. Due to KRUI’s stringent policies against editorializing, the show will consist mostly of “music” with a minimum of ranting, but don’t worry — in this our audio format we will be committed to preserving the Playhouse Aesthetic, maintaining all the dismal, desultory doom all 3 of our fans have come to demand. Details to follow.

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